Aim8 - Identity Recognition technologies and solutions

Aim8 products

AIM8 provides identity recognition technologies
and system integration solutions.


The I2CMS product line is a suite of software applications that assist security personnel in identity recognition from live or stored video. The user can configure the software to work in most environments rather than requiring the environment be customized for the application.

Detector 100 for facial detection
Detector 9000 for facial detection with multiple ingest for forensic analysis
Watch 100 facial detection and recognition
Watcher 9000 for facial detection and hybrid facial recognition. PTZ control with a total video management package.

Silent Eyes

The Silent Eyes products are based upon Aim8 core identity recognition technologies for the imperfect world. The technologies have been customized to work within specific environments for optimal results at short and long distances.

Maritime 100 for tracking and recognition in Maritime environments.
Desert 100 for tracking and recognition in Desert environments.
Pipeline 100 for tracking and recognition in Jungle environment