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Pioneers in Biometric Technologies.
Demonstrated Expertise in Video technologies.
Consultants to Top Asian and US Corporations and Government organizations.

Stephen Miller, founder, is an internationally recognized expert in biometric applications. He has developed biometric systems airports, prisons, and other high security environments. He has many high profile design wins within the United States and Asia. Mr. Miller has also led numerous development efforts between American and Japanese companies.

Muninder Singh began his career in software development after graduating with a Masters degree in Economics / Mathematics from Christ Church College, India. Since that time he has been an instrumental part of numerous technology firms both in India and in Silicon Valley for the past 25 years. He was a co-founder of Nest Software, which was sold to Broderbund Software; a co-founder of Test Drive, whose vision helped develop CD-ROM as an alternative technology for software distribution; as the founding President of Intellimatch.

Tony Otto
Tony is considered one of the top biometric algorithm programmers in the United States. He has developed algorithms and applications for casinos, banks, and Enterprise. He was among the pioneers in adapting emerging video compression technologies to real world applications.Tony has served as Technical director for numerous companies for the last 25 years. He serves as technical advisor to many startups in the video and biometric industries.